Meditations for Lent

Weekly online meditations during Lent available each Wednesday from 6.00am here and across our social media platforms starting on Ash Wednesday

'Pray at all times; use words if you must'.

We tend to think of prayer as something we do: eyes closed, hands together, telling God what we want. And we often feel that we dont do enough of it. But prayer is much more than that; and we do more of it than we might realise. In a series of weekly meditations through Lent we will look again at prayer; what it is and how we do it.

22 February - Prayer is more than talking to God.
1 March - I keep getting in the way.
8 March - Everything is in a cup of tea.
15 March - The sound of silence

22 March - Looking in the mirror
29 March - ‘Into your hands I commend my Spirit

The meditations will last for around 20 minutes

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