Journeying through Advent


Advent is the first season for the church year and spans the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.  Traditionally, churches make an Advent wreath out of evergreen foliage signifying eternal life and including candles, which are  lit acuumulatively each week to represent different Advent themes.  You can see this tradition happening in each of our churches in the onsite services throughout Advent.

Starting on Advent Sunday (27 November) we will be displaying a poster each week in our churchyards and outdoor spaces. Each poster will display an Advent theme and image, linked to this we will be posting a short video reflection here every Saturday evening at 6pm with the final one on Christmas morning at 9am.

To go along with the reflections you may like to create your own Advent Wreath at home and light a candle using the simple weekly reflection.  All you will need are five candles, ideally arranged in a circle with one in the middle.  This is something for all the family to enjoy.

Advent 1 - Waiting with Hope

(Available from 6pm on 26 November)

Advent 2 - Waiting with Peace

(Available from 6pm on 3 December)

Advent 3 - Waiting with Joy

(Available from 6pm on 10 December)

Advent 4 - Waiting with Love

(Available from 6pm on 17 December)

Celebrating with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

(Available from 9am on Christmas Day)